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        Xingyuan Environment Technology Co., Ltd.


        Opening new model of “internet+water control”.

        Hangzhou Fuyang smart “fi...
        Zhejiang Wenzhou smart dr

        This system serves 2 modern sewage plants, 45 sewage lift pump stations, and more than 600 kilometers of sewage intercepting sewers. The total sewage treatment volume is 380,000 tons/day.

        Smart inspection system o...

        Integrated applications of WaterPro operation management platform include subsystems like long-distance monitoring and data management, pipe network analysis and workorder management, equipment asset and maintenance management, spare parts purchasing and inventory management, laboratory management, contract and document management, system configuration, workflow, etc.

        Smart management platform...

        The information management system of Asia's largest solid base

        Shanghai Laogang solid wa...
        China’s first long-distance online control of watershed monitoring data to ensure validity of monitoring data.
        Online monitoring smart s